who I am

I started writing at the age of 13, probably to ease the pain and filling up my lyrics and poems with my deepest emotions. Founding bands since 1992 happened to be a way to calm down my mind from the permanent search for something, at least back then.

In 2016 I again started focusing on myself. To start my solo project I decided to sing and record the incredible country song “Black Roses“. I so love this Nashville song!

With the release of my singles “Like I Love You” and “My Captain Jack” I am ready for the next step. Working together with Peter Vieweger was just amazing and again helped me to concentrate on the most important, songwriting.

„Saby Cheek is the female Roy Orbison.“
-Peter Vieweger (producer & Falco bandleader)

The latest single “My Captain Jack” is a danceable ballad drawing the picture of true love being a battlefield – sometimes. “Like I Love You” is a sophisticated pop rock song about love, sex, and its evil sweetness – about passion and the addictive taste of unconditional love. It is dedicated to my partner Agata.

music and genre

My music is a mix of rock and roll strength and singer/songwriter sensitivity. I am most inspired by Gerry Rafferty. His tunes are inspirational and calming at the same time. He puts me straight back to my roots…probably because my dad played his songs all day long since I was a child. Maybe for me, there is some kind of innocence coded to Gerry’s music. And I love folk and country music. It’s the whole genre that seems to give me the drive and the mood to write. I don’t know why ’cause my songs don’t really have country-based lines, well so far, you never know 😉 I am also inspired by former albums of the Indigo Girls or Melissa Etheridge. I like the authenticity of their first recordings.

To overcome tough moments I withdraw into myself and stay in natural surroundings for a while, simply to gather my thoughts, needs, and emotions to finally unite them in a new song. And reading a book that inspires me helps me to adjust my mind. For example, Herman Hesse’s “Siddhartha” is one of the books helping me  through bad times. Whenever you get the chance to read it, do it 😉


There were several crossroads …and well, I am still on the road heading to the big bang in a music career. One big step on this path was definitely the decision to found my own indie record label “RollDog Records” in 2006. It makes me free as an artist to experiment and release my music the way I want it to sound like. Being on the GoGirls Compilation 2010 and 2012 was also a big thing for me, makes me proud being part of this all American compilations.

Playing live in the UK, London in 2012 was another milestone, as well as working with Peter Vieweger in 2016. As I think about it, there are many moments that made me the way I am and my music the way it is.

NEW ALBUM: Currently I am working on my solo album that will definitely merge many of these moments. To be released in 2021.

playing with words

I believe that we are all able to smell demons when they are near, even hear butterflies laugh or are able to command our paradigms and taste the brightness of clouds – but what is what? Just a phrase? Maybe we’ll all find out, perhaps not. Words are words – not less, not more. Make them your piece of reality. That’s how I see it. That’s my way to write lyrics and poems….I don’t care whether this has to be like “X” or “Y”. I love playing with words. Some people say this is stupid, some people like exactly that part of me.

Finally, I am an emotional chaos, a seeker, a curious lover, a sad one and a philosophic gadabout – but happy. We all grow with the path.

Do what you love, the rest will come with the time! Stay true to yourself and take the time to redefine yourself.

Take care,