Lyrics: Like I Love You

Words & Music by Saby Cheek

Like you turn the mirrors down to watch you drive
When you start talkin‘ to me in the middle of the night
How you smile at me but still let me be
The romantic fool
How you touch my soul – inside every hole
Is defining you.

Tells like I love you, tells me like I do
To trust, to hope, to talk, to fly
No reason to decline

So damn cute how you use to eat your bread
To watch you do your make-up n’ how you comb your hair
Like you hold me tight
But adore to fight – sometimes
Like you roll your eyes
And not kiss goodbye on sunrise

Tells me like I love you, tells like I do…

The way you want to get laid
Captivated in our bed
Like I hold your neck
Turn you on your back – deep inside of you
Leaving no regret
So much more than that
So I let you know

Like I love you, tells you like I do…
Like I love you, tell(s) you like I do…

Your heart tells the same, who is to blame, ready – set – go
Through the rain of sorrow we’ve reached higher lands
Baby, just keep my number, keep my number
That we’re high in spite of lies tells you… LIKE I LOVE YOU